New Year 2020 at Daxx

New Year is the time for miracles. It’s time for new hopes and dreams. Do you wish to know how Daxxers celebrated this miraculous holiday season? Keep on reading to find out! 

It seems that everyone loves the winter holiday season, right? Daxxers are no exception. We welcomed New Year 2020 in our special – bright and memorable – way.


Daxxers in Kyiv celebrated the upcoming year in the rock style. Leather, jeans, chains, and plaid shirts added rock flavor to the atmosphere. A cover band performed legendary rock hits so it was barely possible to stand still. The guests participated in music quizzes and tried themselves in dancing and singing. And you know what? Some Daxxers are true rock fans! Our teammates have been working in the company for 5 years and more received special gifts. The whole party was a blast!

New Year Party at Daxx Kyiv

Check out more photos here and watch the video.


Everyone believes in Christmas magic on New Year’s Eve. It’s time when you can put on a carnival mask, dress up in gorgeous attires, and find yourself a fairy tale. That’s exactly what Daxxers from Dnipro did. During the night, our teammates shined, sparkled, and glittered with their looks. They had fun taking instant snapshots in the photo booth. Some of them decorated gingerbread cookies with icing while others garnished a Daxx logo with a string-art technique. So much creative inspiration!     

New Year Party at Daxx Dnipro

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Our teammates from Kharkiv had a New Year steampunk party. They dressed up in futuristic costumes and grungy looks that stroke the imagination. There were lots of thrilling activities out there. One of them was a very exciting quest. Its idea was to pass a challenge and trigger the clock’s mechanism – so the New Year can finally come. The mission was completed 🙂 Plus, there were lots of logic games, a room with a projector, and a virtual jedi AR. No one got bored. It was a delightful night out! 

New Year Party at Daxx Kharkiv

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What could be better than mountains? Daxxers from Lviv would agree with that 100%. Our teammates celebrated New Year 2020 in a small picturesque Plavia village hidden in the Carpathian Mountains. These were fantastic two days! Like longtime friends, they played board games till late at night. Despite the cold weather, they successfully climbed a mountain. Then it was Secret Santa day. Lots of gifts, lots of cool memories! Everyone enjoyed a warm and relaxing atmosphere, had a barbecue and baked potatoes on a campfire. 

New Year Party at Daxx Lviv

Warm holiday wishes to everyone out there. Lots of happiness, laughter, and prosperity in New Year 2020 and beyond!  

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