NgRx in Kharkiv: From Basics to Advanced Concepts

On November 18, we are glad to invite you to the one-day workshop NgRx in Kharkiv: From Basics to Advanced Concepts by Alex Okrushko. The event will take place at Daxx Kharkiv. 

ALEX OKRUSHKO is a Software Engineer at Google (Canada), working on Firebase Console. Alex is also a core member of NgRx team and a passionate maintainer of this library at Google. In his spare time, he writes and reviews articles at and conducts NgRx workshops. 

About the workshop from A to Z 

NgRx is the state management library for Angular apps at Google. It’s widely used, well supported and is a great addition for any non-trivial web app. Whether you just starting with NgRx or were using it for a while – you’ll definitely learn something new during this training. 

We’ll start the workshop with the step-by-step migration of the existing Angular app to NgRx-based one – this will help you understand why, where and how to use it. Then, we will consider two different approaches to state updates and finally to more advanced features, such as entities.

During the workshop, we will migrate a service-based application and proceed with a step-by-step NgRx implementation to demonstrate how and where it helps. 

Initially, NgRx in Kharkiv: From Basics to Advanced Concepts by Alex Okrushko was designed for 16 hours. However, we’ll manage to pack all the information in 9 hours (as a practical part will be shortened). 

Alex Okrushko will shed light on the following topics: 

  • Overall walk-through 
  • How to think in a reactive way
  • Examine the app (Angular service-based approach, how and where NgRx can help)
  • Reducer
  • Action
  • Effect
  • Error handling and dispatch: false
  • Selectors
  • NgRx for Feature
  • Init effect
  • Optimistic / Pessimistic updates
  • Router store
  • Combining selectors 
  • A deeper look into ViewModel
  • Entities
  • Call state
  • Testing NgRx
  • Examining the final app

This workshop will be useful for you if you want to: 

  • Learn more about state management 
  • understand when and how libraries like NgRx are helpful
  • advance your existing Angular/NgRx skills

Date: November 18

Time: 9 am–5 pm

Place: Daxx Kharkiv office, Teatral’nyi Ln 11/13 

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The number of tickets is limited so hurry up and book your seat.

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See you!

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