Onboarding: How We Meet & Greet Newcomers at Daxx

Starting a new job is both exciting and a bit challenging experience. A new company, new teammates, new work culture… We understand it perfectly well. At Daxx, we pay special attention to the onboarding process – to be sure that our newcomers feel comfortable on their first working day. 

Onboarding is a process that introduces a new hire to a new company and its culture. If done right, the transition to the new company goes smoothly. 

The first working day is always special. At Daxx, we build a positive and inspiring work environment, where everyone feels respected, trusted, and appreciated for what they are doing in the company. Our engaged and energized HR team starts taking care of our teammates from day one. 

Let’s have a walk and see how we do onboarding at Daxx. 

When a newcomer shows up to the office on the first working day, a dedicated HR Manager gives them a warm welcome. They provide a quick office tour and proceed with the introduction meeting. What does it look like?

Our HR Manager shows a slide deck covering key points about life at Daxx, sheds light on the company’s values and culture, tells about a project and a product itself, formal and informal rules on the team, and specifies goals for the first months. When the presentation is over, the HR Manager answers the questions if they pop up.  

How to make this day more bright and memorable? For sure, with a welcome-pack with some cute Daxx-branded souvenirs: an eco-bag, a T-shirt, a notebook, a pen, a cup, a coaster, and some funny laptop stickers. Welcome to the team!

onboarding - starter pack

Each newcomer has a personal profile on BambooHR (HR platform) from the first working day. It makes the first week much easier. Here, they can learn more about projects in the company, time-offs, and org chart. In one click, they can find a profile and reach out to any colleague in each location, check a holiday calendar, and keep up with the latest corporate news. All in one place. It’s like your digital buddy 😉 

Onboarding - HR Manager is scrolling through BambooHR

Also, a newcomer receives a welcome letter and invitation to Slack – our main channel for internal communication. There are different channels for the fast and regular sync up across the offices.

To sum up, life at Daxx… what does it look like? 

  • A motivating work environment 
  • Corporate celebrations and team outings 
  • Sports activities (running, swimming, football) 
  • Table tennis and billiard in the office 
  • English classes 
  • Tax coverage 
  • Medical insurance 
  • Library in the office 
  • Daxx shuttle bus 
  • Fruits and snacks in the office 

You can find more information in the interview with our CEO Igor Tkach. 

Start your journey with Daxx! 

We would love to have you aboard!

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