Helping Is Easy – Charity Month at Daxx

Animals are our friends. They need our love and care. During a month, we were gathering money and things in our offices to help local shelters for homeless animals. Our colleagues paid a visit to their homes.


Daxx Traineeship Program – как это было

Daxx Traineeship Program with Studytube дает возможность новичкам получить первый опыт в разработке. Участники Женя Красников и Наталья Юзва рассказали нам о своем опыте.

Defender's Day in Ukraine

Ukraine Defender’s Day at Daxx

October 14th is a day to honor all the brave defenders of Ukraine. The date is similar to Ukrainian Cossacks Day and an Orthodox holiday Pokrova. We celebrated this day at our offices, too.

Daxx Traineeship Program - cover

Daxx Traineeship Program 3.0 in Kharkiv

Do you want to start a career in IT? Daxx and Studytube are inviting novice JavaScript developers to take part in the 3-rd Daxx Traineeship Program in Kharkiv. Grab your chance!

AI Ukraine-cover

Daxx Became an Info Partner of AI Ukraine

Are you passionate about AI? As an info partner, we’re glad to invite you to AI Ukraine – the biggest Ukrainian conference on practical usage of AI, ML, Data Science and Big Data. Don’t miss out!

Developer's Day 2018 at Daxx

Developer’s Day at Daxx

Developers’s Day is the 265th day of the year. On September 13th, we traditionally congratulated our colleagues with a range of parties across our offices. We spent a great time together!