daxx care box - cover

Daxx Care Box – Alone but Together

During quarantine, we missed Daxxers a lot and decided to cheer them up a bit. We prepared warm greetings for them — in the form of a Daxx care box, filled with useful quarantine-time staff.

How to write emails - cover

How to Write Emails Like a Pro

Ding! You’ve got mail! We receive tons of such notifications every day. If you’re curious how to write emails that work, you’re in the right place. Check our tried-and-tested email writing tips!

daxx healthy week - cover

Daxx Healthy Week – Be Happy and Healthy!

World Health Day is traditionally celebrated on April 7th. We decided to devote the whole week to a healthy lifestyle and called it Daxx Healthy Week. Discover more details!

Productivity apps - cover

6 Productivity Apps to Boost Your Efficiency

Productivity apps can ease your life and give a substantial boost to your efficiency. Want to skyrocket your productivity? Find below the list of apps we carefully handpicked for you.