Software Engineer Day at Daxx - cover

Software Engineer Day 2019 at Daxx

On September 13, the whole IT world celebrates Software Engineer Day. It’s a great annual tradition at Daxx, too. Take a closer look at the festivities we had!

Daxx Summer Parties 2019 - Dnipro team

Daxx Summer Parties 2019 – Fun under the Sun!

Summer is probably the best season for outdoor parties. Sunny weather, fresh air, and good mood are key essentials for a great get-together. Find photos and videos from our summer parties here.

Web Academy Club - visit to Daxx

Welcoming Web Academy Club at Daxx Kyiv

In August, we had the pleasure to welcome students and graduates of Web Academy Club at our Kyiv office. We prepared a pretty packed agenda for our guests. Find more details here.

Kid's Day 2019 at Daxx - celebration

Kid’s Day 2019 at Daxx

Daxx is a big family. On Kid’s Day 2019, we organized celebrations for children of our colleagues across our offices and enjoyed spending the day in a warm circle. See how it was!