Poetry Is My Freedom – Interview with Ivan Blyndiuk

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words” (Edgar Allan Poe). Ivan Blyndiuk from Daxx Dnipro is not only a strong .NET developer but also a talented poet. What was his path to writing? Is there room for creativity in programming? Check Ivan’s answers down below!

Poetry - Ivan Blyndiuk
Ivan Blyndiuk

How and when did you start writing? 

It all started in the 10th grade. Back then, I began to understand poetry as a genre: to see its beauty, read poems with my heart, and search for the meaning that authors tried to put in them. When I was at school, we used to memorize poems and recite them in front of the class, having no clue what they’re actually about. One day, I felt the urge to sit and write something by myself. I sat and wrote it. The lines just came out of nowhere. Of course, it’s hard to read my poems of that time today, but that was the beginning. 

Poetry or prose? Which genre is more appealing to you?  

I wrote only poetry until recently, but now I’m gradually turning to prose. It’s much easier for me to write a poem: when inspiration comes, it takes just half an hour or an hour to write it down. A story has to unfold around a fresh and interesting idea. It takes more time and patience. Not to mention a novel. 

I like to read both genres, though. I usually read poetry when I feel like it, and prose at other times. 

What do you like to write about the most? 

I prefer to write on philosophical and intimate topics. I try to put some idea, opinion, or message in each poem. It’s usually reflected in the last two lines. You can call it my style if you want. I don’t like meaningless poetry. “Winter has come, and it’s snowing outside…”. No offense, but what’s special in such poems? 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Music is my endless source of inspiration. It could also be a bad mood sometimes, but mostly it’s music. When I listen to the songs that stir the depths of my soul, I’ve got a desire (and inspiration) to write something no less moving. 

What are your favorite authors and their works?  

When it comes to poetry, I love classics. Recognized poets and their verses tested by time are often a mark of high quality. My favorite authors are Lina Kostenko and Joseph Brodsky. Read their “Розкажу тобі думку таємну…” (“I’ll tell you a secret thought…)” and “Прощай, позабудь, и не обессудь…” (“Farewell, forget and forgive…”) and you will understand why.

As to prose, I prefer modern literature. I’ve discovered Gillian Flynn recently, an author of the thriller novel ‘Gone Girl’. I strongly recommend everyone to read this and other her books. Daniel Keyes, Stieg Larsson, Patrick Süskind with his ’Perfume’, and, of course, J. K. Rowling — here is a shortlist of my favorite writers. 

Please share with us the poems of yours. The ones you like most. 


Хай як не банально звучить це чи грубо,
Послухай просту пораду:
Деякі речі, зціпивши зуби,
Потрібно лишити позаду.

Як модуль космічний, злітаючи в небо,
Скидає баласт в атмосферу,
Зумій відірвати частинку від себе
І вистав її за двері.

Не факт, що від цього розпустяться квіти
Обабіч твоєї дороги,
Та іноді шанс це єдиний звільнити
Місце для чогось нового.


Моє серце терзає рана.
Руки сковує тя́жкий браслет.
Я від тебе, моя кохана,
Маю один секрет.

Пробач мою душу грішну.
Я хоч і з виду сталь,
Та ти моя слабкість ніжна,
Мій найдорожчий кришталь.

Таємниця ця — камінь на шиї.
Не сила її носить.
Та тільки тобі відкрию,
Погубиш мене в ту ж мить.


Я знаю, кохана, ти плакала вчора —
Нещастям весь дім проник.
Додолу спустилась завішена штора.
У ванній промок рушник.

Із фільтра біжать дистильовані сльози.
Вороже блистять ножі.
Годинник на мене дивиться косо,
Аж кішки шкребуть в душі.

Від суму змарніли троянди у вазі.
Троянди, що я приніс.
Сядем, у тиші поснідаєм разом,
А потім повторим на біс.

As to prose, please find it here.

Do you think that talent for writing is inborn or acquired through practice? 

Talent is given to you naturally. This concerns not only to writers, but also to artists, sculptors, musicians, and other artists. No wonder there’s a concept of “creative nature”. But talent is not enough. You have to constantly work on yourself, self-develop, read the works of recognized authors, learn from them, and hone your skills. Earlier, I sincerely believed that you need to write from your heart, the way you feel it, and not to adapt to anyone. It is the road to nowhere. Nobody will read you. 

How do you combine your work with writing?

Programmer’s job has a lot of room for creativity. Similarly to literature, you have to nurture ideas for some time before bringing them to life. Thus, I can say it’s possible to combine work and creativity. If you want to write something — please do it. You have spare time and weekends for this. Some people cook, some people run, some people have pet projects. I write.

Do you have any other hobbies besides literature?

Hobbies… It has always been a tough question for me. There are so many things in the world that interest me. Sometimes, I play football or watch biathlon in my free time. I collect puzzles or solve crosswords. I attend rock concerts and rock festivals. My friends and I take part in the intellectual game “Quiz Night”. I go to the shooting range from time to time. I cook something delicious if I want to. And sometimes, I just want to sit with a bottle of beer watching the show. Isn’t it a hobby? 

What are your plans for the future in terms of writing? 

My ambitious plan for life is to write and publish a novel. It’s a distant and unachievable dream so far. I hope to move towards it in small steps. I will publish poems and stories. And then we’ll see. 

And finally, let us enjoy another poem of yours. 


Інші зможуть, що ти не зміг.
Скажуть те, чого ти не сказав.
Пройдуть там, де ти збився з ніг.
Проб’ють мур, що тебе зламав.

На вершинах, що ти не скорив,
Чийсь чужий майорітиме стяг.
Обігне хтось крутий обрив
Там, де ти не здолав свій страх.

Тож гартуйся, кріпись, терпи
І тримай в голові одне:
Руки хай опускаються в них;
Ти — це той, хто всього досягне.

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Poetry-Prose-Hero - Ivan Blyndiuk
A story “Hero” by Ivan Blyndiuk was published in the ‘Constellation’ collection.

Thanks a lot to Ivan for sharing his beautiful verses with us. May they find lots of grateful readers in Ukraine and beyond!

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