Software Engineer Day 2019 at Daxx

On September 13, the whole IT world traditionally celebrates Software Engineer Day. It’s a great annual tradition at Daxx, too. We were excited to congratulate our fantastic Programmers on their professional day and organize some great festivities for them. Happy Software Engineer Day 2019!

A good celebration is all about sharing special moments with people you care about.

On this beautiful day, our Software Engineers from all our offices received a small gift from Daxx – a nice waist bag. It was a surprise for them that marked a really good start of the day. Everyone was in an excellent mood and waited for something special to happen next. Let’s have a closer look at what’s happened that day in all Daxx locations.

Software Engineer Day 2019 -Daxx waist bag


In Kyiv, the celebration started early in the morning. Four massage therapists were invited to the office to perform a therapeutic massage for our teammates. Each session was accompanied by calm and relaxing music in the background that had a soothing effect. It was the perfect atmosphere to free the mind from intrusive thoughts and get into the flow state. Apart from massage, therapists asked our colleagues about their healing needs and gave recommendations on how to improve physical state, relieve stress, and feel better.

After this relaxation session, everyone was intrigued about what will come next. The festivities continued with a great BBQ lunch. There were lots of grilled meat, snacks, and drinks. Those colleagues who don’t eat meat could treat themselves with plant-based snacks. Teammates from different projects enjoyed the company of each other and had some chats. It was a very warm Software Engineer Day 2019 that will be remembered for long.

Software Engineer Day 2019 - Daxx Kyiv


September has started but we still have a good chance to enjoy the warm days. With that in mind, our teammates in Kharkiv organized a relaxing outdoor party. The celebration occurred in a cozy wine bar close to the office. Our colleagues enjoyed tasty street food – there were lots of snacks and cocktails at their disposal. To unwind even more, they were smoking a hookah at a slow pace. A professional DJ set the audience into the right mood with soft music rhythms. They enhanced the whole experience and created a super laid-back evening. The place was lighted with numerous lamps and lanterns. Their dim light added some magic…

The evening was beautiful, and the team didn’t want it to end. That’s why they decided to continue this delightful evening with singing karaoke in a smaller circle. The celebration of the Software Engineer Day 2019 ended late at night. To sum up, our colleagues had a great time enjoying the music, socializing and spending time together in the tranquil atmosphere.

Software Engineer Day 2019 - Daxx Kharkiv


Our colleagues in Dnipro had a very bright and eventful “ProGAMEr’s Day”. The name speaks for itself 🙂 The workspace was decorated with elements of popular computer games (Mortal Kombat, Mario, Tetris, Sonic, and Pac-Man). Yes, we’ve got lots of gamers out there! In the chill-out zone, there were lots of video consoles and slot machines. Everyone could choose a game they like most. One of the most popular activities was driving a car simulator. Boys and girls enjoyed the feeling of speedy driving without leaving the office. Plus, they challenged each other in Xbox dancing. There was also a photo booth arranged in the style of Super Mario game. Now our colleagues have lots of cool snapshots to have memories of that day.

In the evening, there was an in-office party accompanied by hookah and a groovy DJ set. Some of our teammates tried themselves in making cocktails. It’s wasn’t as easy as you might think since all the recipes were written in different programming languages. A big rum cooler became a cherry on top! Overall, it was a memorable day full of positive emotions, fun, and lots of games!

Thank you to everyone who made Software Engineer Day 2019 at Daxx such a wonderful event. It’s a huge pleasure to work and have fun together.

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