Ukraine’s Independence Day at Daxx

This year, we celebrate the 27th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence. During this time, the IT market grew to the leading software development center in Eastern and Central Europe and became one of the largest exporters of IT products and services in the world. Happy Ukraine’s Independence Day, everyone! 

We at Daxx had a great celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day. There’s nothing better than showing up at the office and see everyone so excited about the celebration.

Now let’s take a closer look at how it all went… 

To create a proper atmosphere, we had traditional food and drinks in the office. Our colleagues dressed up in vyshyvankas – national Ukrainian clothes – so they looked festive and bright. Everyone was in a good mood. 

We decorated one of the walls in the office with an eye-catching panting, which clearly proclaimed “Daxx loves Ukraine”. Everyone could take a picture in front of it to remember this day. Frankly speaking, there was quite a long line to take a snapshot. But it was worth it! 

This day was a great occasion for our teammates to get together, wear a traditional garment and celebrate a holiday that resonated with everyone. We’d like to thank you to all Daxxers for joining us in this celebration. 

In conclusion, we sincerely wish our dear motherland a prosperous, bright, and peaceful future. We should learn from the history lessons and make the most out of today. We believe that our country has a great human capital and natural resources to become wealthy and successful, and earn a decent place on the world’s map. The best is yet to come! 

Meanwhile, we want to say Birthday, dear Ukraine! May an upcoming year bring you new victories.

Stay strong! We are proud to be Ukrainians!

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ukraine's independence day at daxx

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