Daxx Value #1 – A Client-Oriented Approach

For us, values are more than just words. They are our core beliefs that define who we are, how we work, and which way we are moving. They serve as a compass that guides us each and every day.  Read more about Daxx value #1 – a client-oriented approach.

Here at Daxx, people come first. And people are driven by values. 

We stick to the client-oriented approach in our work. It means that we don’t promise unrealistic things. If we promise something, we deliver it and always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. How do we manage to succeed in it? 

Our 20-year experience of working with more than 300 clients allows us to effectively facilitate the process of their cooperation with their remote teams. We have a dedicated person who takes care that the team is fully equipped with everything and сlearly sees the vector of its growth and development. Bringing value to our clients and building long-term working relationships with them is our top priority.

Daxx Value #1 - quote

We firmly believe that there are two ingredients involved.

  • The first ingredient is our happy tech talents who love what they do and feel truly comfortable in the workplace.
  • The second one is our happy clients who have a positive experience of working with extended teams.

When combined, they yield rewarding results!

Our transparency is something we take pride in. As a custom software development company, we handpick IT specialists exclusively for each client so that they’re a perfect match for certain business needs. It all happens the following way. Our clients personally interview, check the expertise and approve the software engineers. They are the ones who manage the remote team directly as there are no third-parties involved. Both sides work cohesively and efficiently this way.

Our Software Engineers work as full-time employees of our clients, dive deep into their needs and design custom solutions for them. From our side, we do the utmost to keep them engaged and motivated.

To sum up, Daxx value #1 is taking a client-oriented approach. The idea behind it is simple yet powerful: if you want to make your clients happy, make sure that your team is happy first.

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