Vyshyvanka Day 2021 at Daxx

At Daxx, we have a beautiful tradition to put on a vyshyvanka each year, on the third Thursday of May. Traditionally, Daxxers used to wear these national garments to the offices where all the celebrations happened. Now, in time of remote work, they still put on vyshyvankas and share their photos with us online. Find the photo report from Vyshyvanka Day 2021 below! 

Daxxers from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv unite each year to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day. Whether offline or online it’s a tradition we’re always ready to keep. Vyshyvanka is part of our cultural code, and we remember our roots and cherish our traditions.

In honor of Vyshyvanka Day 2021, we launched a festive flashmob on Instagram, under the hashtag #vyshyvankaday_daxx. Our teammates from all Daxx locations gladly posted their photos in vyshyvankas and tagged @daxx_developers. These snapshots collected lots of cheerful reactions from our followers!

We’ve got the lucky winners of Daxx Vyshyvanka Day 2021 flashmob. Congratulations to Mykhailo Korzun, Yevheniia Aliluienko, Anton Osypa, Tetiana Nikolenko, and Volodymyr Mykolaichuk! Their photos got the most support from our colleagues. Each of them received a gift certificate from Vsi. Svoi — the biggest online platform for Ukrainian manufactures and brands.

The key to their success was creativity! Our inventive colleagues decided to think out-of-the-box and took pictures in their home offices with traditional Ukrainian attributes, with pets, and in front of Ukrainian flags. As a result, their photos looked like no other and made a great impression.

We’ll preserve this tradition for many years to come! What about you? Did you put on a vyshyvanka to join the celebration? We believe that this garment is worth wearing not only one day in May but whenever you’d like to. It’s so colorful and trendy!

Without further ado, let’s see the photos.

Daxxers from all our offices are wishing you a Happy Vyshyvanka Day!

Vyshyvanka Day 2021 - Volodymyr
Vyshyvanka Day 2021 - Mykhailo
Vyshyvanka Day 2021 - Kateryna
Vyshyvanka Day 2021 - Taras
Vyshyvanka Day at Daxx - Kseniia and Olga
Vyshyvanka Day 2021 - Daxx Kyiv

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