Welcoming Web Academy Club at Daxx Kyiv

In August, we had the pleasure to welcome students and graduates of Web Academy Club at our Kyiv office. It was a super productive get-together – with two presentations from our colleagues, a bunch of interesting questions from our guests, and a group photoshoot to have a memory of that day.

We prepared a pretty packed agenda for our guests from Web Academy Club. At first, Kateryna Andrushchenko, our Employer Brand Manager, told them about the company and gave an office tour. Then, our guests could enjoy a handy presentation on CV tips by Kateryna Belkovets, our IT Recruiter. Kateryna also explained how to land a job at Daxx. In conclusion, Ivan Blinov, a graduate of Web Academy and a Scala Engineer at Daxx’s largest project – Exabeam, shared his work experience and told why he enjoys working at Daxx.

We were happy to answer all the questions from Web Academy Club. And we’re ready to share them with you.

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Could you tell us about Daxx? 

Daxx is a Dutch outstaffing company with almost 20 years of experience and more than 400 IT experts on board. 

When you join Daxx, you become a remote integrated member of the client’s team. You can directly communicate with the client and see the results of your work. 

The company’s clients are startups and companies from Europe and the USA, working in such areas as FinTech, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, E-learning, etc.

Web Academy Club - Kateryna Bilkovets presentation

Do you have any cool perks for Daxx employees? 

Lots of them! We have a very democratic and free culture of communication. As we stick to a client-oriented approach, we want our employees to be satisfied with their work and interested in doing it well. 

We call our employees – Daxxers. They are avid book lovers, so the company collaborates with BookBox, which delivers books directly to our office.

We also have a lot of football and ping-pong fans who hold friendly tournaments from time to time. We are very proud of our running team, which is actively growing and participating in marathons. Recently, we organized Daxx Run To Amsterdam Contest for our employees.

Of course, Daxxers love playing video games. Mortal Combat for PS4 is their favorite one!

We have lots of treats and snacks in the office. Every first Monday of the month – we have pizza, every Wednesday – pies, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays – fruits. So when you join Daxx, you’ll have to watch your weight;)

Web Academy Club - Daxx kitchen
Photo credit: https://web-academy.com.ua/

Where to start if someone wants to land a job at Daxx? (Top 5 tips for beginners)

  • Raise the level of your English to strong Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate. Communication with the client’s team is crucial when you work in a remote team.
  • Go to https://jobs.daxx.com/ and check out open positions which suit you best, along with the requirements listed. This will be your growth roadmap.
  • Reach out to the Recruiter who’s responsible for this vacancy. Ask them if they’re not planning to recruit Junior/Middle specialists soon. Make sure to send your resume (just in case).
  • Check out job updates at least once biweekly. Then you won’t miss a job that is relevant to you.
  • Learn more about the project you’re interested in. Pay attention to its specifics and think of fresh ideas you could bring to it. 
Web Academy Club - student
Photo credit: https://web-academy.com.ua/

What qualities do you look for in employees? 

One of our main goals is to build a motivating work environment for our employees. We really appreciate involvement and a sense of responsibility. When a person is passionate about building a high-quality product, and not just settles for writing code according to the task. Friendliness and a good sense of humor are also important. It’s the cornerstone for building any successful team.

Web Academy Club - Ivan Blinov presentation

What are the main stages of the hiring process? 

  1. CV review by Daxx
  2. HR interview 
  3. CV review by the client
  4. Interview with the client
  5. Job offer

A big thank you to Web Academy Club for visiting us. We really enjoyed your company and wish each and every one of your students to have a bright future in IT! 

This article originally appeared in Russian on Web Academy site

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