Workshop on Feedback at Daxx Kyiv

Feedback is crucial for effective communication, team management, and better productivity. But how to give it constructively when working on a team? If you struggle with it too, keep on reading this article. 

Recently, we held a hands-on workshop at our Kyiv office devoted specifically to giving feedback. We invited Dmitriy Malinochka – a certified public speaking trainer. During the workshop, our colleagues worked in groups, analyzed various cases, and actively participated in discussions. 

Why is it important to give feedback? 

  • To boost work performance
  • To optimize a working process 
  • To improve your relationship with other people 

Please find below some tips that will help you deliver feedback in a more efficient way. 

Pro tip #1 

Negative feedback is better than no feedback. 

For sure, it’s not easy to deliver bad news. You are afraid that your words can hurt a person and make them feel bad about themselves. However, your feedback can bring a positive effect instead. For example, it can help define the area for improvement for your teammate and prompt some tangible actions from their side. That’s precious. 

Pro tip #2 

Pay attention to the emotions of other people.  

It’s a natural thing that people can experience fear and anxiety before one-on-one meetings. They may feel that you are superior to them and will try to let them down. The best strategy for you here is to keep a positive attitude no matter what. Be empathetic and supportive.

Pro tip #3

Be as specific as possible.  

Ambiguity is your enemy. Your comments and suggestions won’t bring the desired results if they are too general and vague. If you don’t want your conversation to be a waste of time, be specific and provide examples. This way, another person will surely interpret your words the right way. 

Pro tip #4

Provide timely feedback. 

No one can read your mind. Giving feedback in a timely manner is of paramount importance. Your teammates have a right to know what they are doing right and what actions they need to correct. Practice a timely response so that they can react fast and improve their performance if needed. 

Pro tip #5 

Offer constructive feedback.
To be perfectly blunt, this term has become a kind of buzzword. However, lots of people still have a vague understanding of it so let’s shed some light on it. By and large, it means that your reaction should be issue-focused, timely and backed by examples. It is supposed to be motivating and encouraging as well. 

Pro tip #6

Give feedback on a regular basis.  

Don’t limit your feedback to the annual performance review only. Invest your time in conducting regular one-on-one meetings with your teammates. This way, you will create a supportive work environment in which everyone feels comfortable and safe. It goes a long way. 

Giving systematic feedback is vital if you want to motivate your team and boost their productivity. But above all, always start with “why”. Why do you want to say this or that, and what do you want to achieve with it? That’s the key question.

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